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Paris Hilton To Do Sydney Airport And The Star's Casino Nightclub


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Australian entertainment and club fans, and all you celebrity watchers out there... It's time for yet another showbiz update.

The Star's new nightclub Marquee in "Sin City" Sydney, Australia is to hold their grand opening this Friday night and guess who is coming to the party - the ultimate party girl herself - Paris Hilton, along with boyfriend DJ Afrojack, and a bush tucker bag of friends and associates including Ashlee Simpson, Nick Lachey, Kellan Lutz, Abbie Cornish and LMFAO's Redfoo.

Then there's the Australian contingent of celebs attending including Laura Dundovic, Alex Dimitriades, Glenn and Sara McGrath, Alex Perry, Nikki Phillips, Didier Cohen, April Rose Pengilly, Tim Commandeur, Laura Cstortan and Chris Joannou.

A Media Man agency spokesperson said "It's likely the most star power and positive entertainment news The Star and any of its clubs are likely to get for a while so the powers that be at The Star are pulling out all of the stops and rabbits out of the hat to ensure that its done right. The Star and its nightclubs appear to be aiming for it to be the place to be seen, with even a street team of sorts assembled to try to encourage Sydney party types to make The Star and its Marquee the preferred nightclub venue in Sydney if not Australia".

The big party bash is set to get massive Australian and international news coverage, but will that translate into dollars for the Echo Entertainment owned premise? That's what The Star's Marquee is gambling on anyway.

Marquee is hoping to attract not only big dollars but also lots of positive press when it holds their mega part for the world's hottest celebs this Friday.

The official VIP launch party will include DJ sets from The Black Eye Peas, and Afrojack, with boat loads of celebs.

The 20,000 square foot nightclub occupies the entire top tier of The Star’s new Pirrama Road harbour side entrance. It enjoys a 1,200 people capacity and is aiming to fill up the venue with the right sort of customers. It's understood that there's three separate spaces within the one venue, so hopefully there's something for everyone's mood and taste.

The Main Room sports a 30-foot projection stage with an LED DJ booth and two funky dance floors, while another section entitled 'Boom Box' has an outdoor patio and DJ booth. For those guests who are looking for a bit more intimacy... and we know your out there boys and girls, there's a "library-style" lounge room along with fireplace, where you might want to get all cosy with your best friends and even fast friends, if you follow.

The new funky nightclub is a joint effort between The Star and Tao Group, which operates very successful nightclubs in the United States including LAVO in New York and Las Vegas, TAO Las Vegas and Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Punter's, we think its a pretty safe bet that you and yours will have fun (and spend a few dollars) at The Star's Marquee, so why not give them a go and tell us all about your experience.

It's all just another move in the Australian casino and entertainment wars, with a good dash of tourism biz factored in, and hopefully the public and Sydney benefit. Something tells us that Crown Limited's James Packer and his other top brass will also be watching the situation pretty closely.

Sydney - brace yourself for a hell of a party, and if The Star gets their way - get used to many more parties.

Will you be on 'The List' any time soon at Marquee - don't change your dial budding socialites.

News For Early Birds; Sydney Airport Tip Off...

Speculation is rife that Paris Hilton and perhaps one or two friends will be flying into Sydney International Airport very early tomorrow (Thursday) morning. A strong press pack is expected to be out there taking the punt that's she gets off a plane. Well, we're all in the gambling mood now aren't we now?

Paris Hilton Tweeted...

Another crazy day at the airport. Goodbye LA! Hello Sydney! ☺

♡ u! RT @CamRaFace: Headed to Australia. Time to catch up on movies & sleep :) #mlm love u @ParisHilton for always letting adventure with u!

At the airport about to take off to Sydney! Haven't been to Australia in a long time, so I'm very excited for this trip! Love it there! ☺♡

Can't wait for The @MarqueeSydney opening party this weekend! Going to be so much fun! Performances by @DJAfrojack @RedFoo & @IamWill! ☺♡♫

Can't wait for the grand opening of @MarqueeSydney this friday! Going to be an incredible party! I love the Aussies! ☺♫

Feels good to be home, but not for long. Have to pack again now cause I'm flying to Australia tomorrow night. So excited! I love it there! ...

Flashback To Some Colourful Paris Hilton News From Years Ago That Attracted International News Media...

Why there's gold in them thar cells - 6th May 2007...

Paris Hilton will earn yet another fortune selling diaries and images of her life behind bars, according to leading publicists.

"She will probably make more money from it than Jeffrey Archer," said marketing guru Max Markson. "But she is very silly. She was warned. She was on a suspended sentence. She deserves to get 45 days."

Hilton's sentence for drunk driving is unlikely to adversely affect sales of Bondi Blonde, the beer she was hired to promote by its maker's part-owner, John Singleton, during a five-day visit to Sydney in January.

But she could use her marketing genius and jail sentence for a good cause, according to Greg Tingle, chief executive of Mediaman. "The opportunity certainly exists for Paris to turn this to a positive because of her strong social influence on youth globally," Tingle said.

"Paris and her close advisers should carefully consider what tactic to take with this. It's a golden opportunity to emphasise the dangers of alcohol abuse."

Since her first media appearance at the opening of a Las Vegas casino in 1999, Hilton has out ditzied Marilyn, built a business like Madonna and will soon have the ex-con marketability of Martha Stewart.

She has been so successful at turning a negative to a positive that she has created a new category of celebrity; the sleazebrity.

Who else could turn a humiliating sex video released by a toady former boyfriend into a global launch pad?

Who but Paris could profit from one million American parents signing a petition to ban a TV advertisement in which she slid across a soapy Bentley to eat a hamburger?

In his ebook Paris Hilton is a Fool, author W. Frederick Zimmerman writes that while the socialite/model/TV star is a fool, she is nobody's idiot. "The evidence seems to support the argument that, although she is no intellectual, she is a pretty shrewd businesswoman," Zimmerman writes.

"She is a risk taker who avoided the easy path of relying on a family fortune and struck out on her own to create an innovative personal career."

But life behind bars will be anything but the simple life for the multi-millionaire hotel heiress. (Credit: The Age)

Media Man 2012 Commentary On Paris...

"Paris Hilton may not be saving the world, but when she gets into Australia tomorrow she is bound to give a shot into the arm to Australia's embattled tourism and entertainment industry. 'Sin City' Sydney is to get some extra dollars in the door, and The Star will see much of it. Just how much of that love... dollars gets spread around Sydney remains to be seen, but the land down under is to also get its fair share of entertainment news headlines around the world thanks to Paris, and hopefully that's a good thing. It should be unless there's an unforeseen significant development around the corner. Paris has matured quite a bit in the past few years, plus The Star will be watching over things closely, so it should be smooth sailing. Welcome back to Sydney Paris."

That's it fans. Stay tuned to Media Man and Street Corner for more entertainment news and scoops daily.


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